What is Hopely?

Hopely is a search engine with a passion for good causes. With every search, we donate half of all generated advertising revenues to charities. The best part?

Hopely is easy to use and will never cost you any money. Our goal is to make the world a better place while allowing you to help in a way that is easy, painless and free. We will never ask for your money, your time or… your blood. Just search with Hopely as you would with any other search engine, and we will take care of the rest!

We are convinced that many of you already see the atrocious conditions other humans have to live in, the revolting ways in which our Earth is being treated and the lack of medical attention many people in need suffer from. We believe that it is a human instinct to feel compassion. To see the injustice and think: This is not right. Most of us want to help, yet many of us cannot. For some, it may be lack of money; for others, lack of time or other important commitments. Our aim is to change that by providing a simple way for you to help at no cost and with no effort. Every day. Use Hopely for your searches, and hope(ful)ly, we can change the world together.

You search. We give.