How do I donate?

It is all automatic as long as you keep searching with Hopely instead of your run-of-the-mill search engine. During certain searches sponsored results are shown. Those results can generate advertising revenue. Half of those revenues are then donated to charities, NGOs or NFPs. By selecting a specific cause you can decide to what cause your search is credited to.

How do the adverts generate money?

In a nutshell: our advertising partner has a list of words chosen by brands, online shops and other advertisers. When someone makes a search, the system compares the searched word to the list. If the search query matches up with the words on the list, an advertisement is shown above the organic search results. For example, if you are searching for “Fairtrade clothing” the word or phrase “Fairtrade clothing” is checked against the list to see if there is an advertiser that wishes to show his ads for those words. If this is the case an advert is shown. This could be for example an advert for an online shop that specialises in fairtrade clothing. When one of those ads is clicked revenue is generated.

How do I know that you really are donating money?

Transparency is extremely important to us. At the end of each month we upload the charity, NGO and NFP donation receipts as well as the earning reports from our advertising partners. Our users, generated that money, that’s why you should know how it is being used. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions on how to make donating even more efficient, please use the contact page to write us a message.

Why is there no report yet?

Please keep in mind that Hopely is still in Beta. Once fully launched and after the first operating month, we will upload the donation receipts as well as the advertising partner earning reports as soon as we receive them. Updated: September 2017.

What do the numbers under the causes represent?

They represent the number of searches that have been credited to a specific cause. Those numbers help us to distribute the donations according to your choices.

How are the donations split if I chose to support "All Causes"?

If you select "All Causes" your search is added to the "All Causes" selection. At the end of each month we take the number of "All Causes" searches into account when calculating the donation split.

Can I select 2 causes at once?

Not yet. We try to give our users as much flexibility as possible and this is definitely a feature we are working on!

Where do the search results come from?

The search results come from our search partner Google. We don't intend to reinvent the wheel that is why we rely on proven technologies. Google provides first class search results.

Do I help if I keep clicking on ads on purpose?

No! If anything it is more harmful to the success of Hopely. Just use Hopely as you would use any other search engine, click on the results that seem relevant to you and everything will be fine :)

Do you save personally identifiable data about me or my searches?

No. We don’t tie your searches to you or your computer, neither do we build behavioural or search profiles. We are convinced that search behaviour is a private matter and it should be of no concern to us. If you want more detailed information you are welcome to have a look at our privacy policy

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