Hopely was originally started as a side project, but we soon realised the tremendous potential Hopely could have in the future.

As two young entrepreneurs, we never had enough time to dedicate to charity work, but merely giving money every now and then never seemed either adequate or sustainable. We came together and thought of ways we could utilise our skills and knowledge to have a bigger impact when it came to making the world a better place. A vision began to germinate: what if we could create a system that would allow people across the globe to generate money for good causes without disrupting their busy lives or costing them money. That is what Hopely is all about: easy and free charity.

Which charities do we work with?

We carefully audit and vet the transparency of each charity, NGO and NFP we work with before entrusting them with the funds and donations generated by our users.

Charities, NGOs and NFPs currently supported: Bread for the World, Doctors Without Borders and World Wide Fund (WWF).